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Media Reviews

“Divided into clear, concise sections using maps and directions to hundreds of vacation venues, Best Family Adventures brings California’s landscape of San Luis Obispo County to reality, infused with passion for curiosity, taking a fresh look at Central Coast history, trails, parks, art galleries, beaches, libraries, theaters and more. A guide to many of California’s popular destinations, find the reasons why visitors enjoy California Coast vacations; with an endless wealth of exciting possibilities.”
California Tour & Travel

 Say goodbye to summer blues
Discover years’ worth of destinations in a new travel book
“It’s the perfect antidote for the restlessness and boredom that kids tend to suffer over the long summer break.”
– Craig Shafer, Santa Maria Sun

 Best Family Adventures: Local author’s book offers outdoor excitement for every generation
 “Local writer Jennifer Best poured her background into her first book, Best Family Adventures: San Luis Obispo County. In fact, it’s hard for Best to say when she actually began the book because she feels like she’s been researching the topic her entire life.”
- Emily Welly, Santa Maria Times)

 "If you’re looking for things to do for the summertime, this is the way to go. … I didn’t realize there was this much stuff to do. … It’s not just for kids.”
– Jay, Morning Show, KSNI Sunny Country 102.5

 “She wrote a book that is great for families who want to go out into the county and have some fun, going around, seeing the sites, visiting all the cities.”
– Alice, Down the Rabbit Hole, KCPR

Readers Write

“I have to say again how cool the book is. I've had a chance to start really reading it, I was going to start highlighting places I want to see most but then almost all of the book would be bright green! Even my friends couldn't believe some of the things this area has to offer.  I can't wait to need a gift for a mom friend I think this would be perfect.”
– Angela B., Santa Maria, CA

 “I’ve only had Best Family Adventures: San Luis Obispo County for 2 weeks and already I find that I’m using it with success on several different levels: With my 18 month old granddaughter, as a mentor and leader of teenage boys, and for me exploring and hiking/biking the really cool and exhilarating back country trails in SLO county! For me, this is the definitive all-in-one ‘best’ information source for things to do in this area! I eagerly await her next book.”
– James S., Orcutt, CA

 “It’s very good, very thoughtful, very thorough. This is pretty impressive.” – Chris, Orcutt, CA

 “I have earmarked my copy with hopes of exploring many of the places.  Went to the Bob Jones trail with the family today.  It was a great day for an easy hike.  Next Wednesday I have scheduled my playgroup for a hike n' picnic at Oso Flaco ( practically in my backyard and is a favorite place of ours).  Thanks so much for writing the book.”
– Irene, Santa Maria Valley, CA

 “GREAT BOOK - This is an invaluable resource for all parents living in and around SLO County. Even great for someone just visiting. I wouldn't change a thing about it.”
– Mother of Hunter, as posted at

"I’ve been an avid user of BFA: SLO for the last 4 years and was glad to see BFA Santa Barbara County finally come to fruition and be available for purchase last week! I’ve only had it for a few days, but in just the handful of page that I have been able to read so far, I’m already exited about exploring things to do in Santa Barbara County that I would not have known about if not for BFA Santa Barbara County.
"I’m sure that I will soon be purchasing several more copies to give to my grown children and close friends, because this book has been thoroughly researched and offers all kinds of experiences. I am so thankful to Jennifer Best for again taking the time, effort, and putting her heart into producing such an easy to use comprehensive Adventure book."
– James Sparks, Orcutt, CA

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